Voices for Sustainable Fashion

This collection showcases the stories of people who are committed to making the fashion industry better for people and for the environment.

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In support of our Waste is Out of Fashion campaign, we have been collecting stories from people who are advancing sustainability within the fashion industry as a part of our new series, “Voices for Sustainable Fashion.” Casting a wide net has brought in fashion designers, models, professors, students, influencers, and advocates– all with a story to tell.

When that photo of a mountain of clothing in a landfill pops up on our feed, it can be discouraging. Fast fashion giants continue to grow and produce more and more each year. Our culture of overconsumption fuels the industry to overproduce cheap textiles, resulting in a lot of clothing waste. In fact, fashion waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the US. What’s worse, it’s estimated that 30% of the clothing produced each year is never sold or worn, and is likely headed to the nearest landfill or incinerator. This means that the resource-intensive process of textile production must be repeated over and over again, wasting precious natural resources and exacerbating climate change.

Thankfully, there are many people around the world who are coming up with sustainable solutions for the fashion industry’s issues and working hard to make change. Fashion designers are using creative ways to upcycle textiles, influencers are educating their followers about sustainable fashion, and students are doing advocacy work on their campuses. There is a broad community of people working toward a common goal: to make fashion more sustainable.

Here are some inspiring individuals who are working hard to advance sustainability in fashion. Read more about their experiences and what drives them to advocate for sustainable fashion by clicking on their pictures below.

Do you have a story to share?

If you have experience working in the fashion industry, actively advocate for sustainable fashion, or are simply passionate about sustainable fashion and have a story to tell, please let us know.


Kathryn Horvath

Zero Waste Campaign Associate, WashPIRG

As the Zero Waste Campaign Associate with WashPIRG, Kathryn is working on our Waste is Out of Fashion campaign. Kathryn lives near her family in Seattle where she enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest through skiing, kayaking and practicing her photography.

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