Brett Staniland

Brett Staniland
Model and sustainable fashion advocate, London

Brett is a fashion model from London who actively advocates for sustainable fashion through his work and social media platform. Aside from a successful modeling career, Brett also has a PhD in Public Health and Physical Activity, is an ambassador for World Vision UK, and is editor-at-large for a New York-based fashion and lifestyle publication. His mantra “buying once and buying well” makes people reassess their purchasing habits when it comes to clothing.

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“Fashion compounds lots of issues around the world which is why it is my engine for driving change. I love clothing and fashion but feel we can have a more responsible industry which looks after people and the planet. I do this by using my platform for educational purposes and raising awareness around lots of intersecting topics to do with clothing and the fashion industry.

Fast fashion prioritizes growth and profit over people’s lives and the planet, causing more harm than anything else in the industry. It exploits vulnerable people and it is the most damaging to the global south where people are more susceptible to the effects of climate change.”


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