JeLisa Marshall

JeLisa Marshall
Remake Community Organizer & Conscious Style Consultant, Washington

After working in the fashion industry for over a decade–specifically in product development– JeLisa realized “how much environmental and social injustice permeates the supply chain and is directly linked to issues like climate change.” This discovery inspired her to become a community organizer with the advocacy group Remake, as well as a writer and graduate student researching sustainable solutions in fashion design. JeLisa says, “I care about sustainable fashion because I care about future generations.”

“I think fast fashion is problematic for many reasons. Firstly, it encourages exploitation. Workers are often paid significantly less than minimum wage to accommodate business profits. Secondly, it promotes consumerism and generates waste. Waste that is largely made of synthetic fibers, which take tens of hundreds of years to decompose. Thirdly, it is poor quality. The design, development and production calendars are so short and retail margin expectations are so high that selecting eco-friendly and/or well-fitting materials is not a feasible option.”

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