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Tell the EPA: Ban the worst uses of bee-killing pesticides

It's time for the EPA to ban the worst uses of bee-killing pesticides.

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Today, I can see that sustainable fashion holds immense power. It's a transformative force that holds the key to transitioning towards a regenerative world, where social, environmental, and climate justice are not just aspirations but reality. Claudia Castanheira, Socioenvironmental Communicator, Writer, and Independent Researcher for Fashion Revolution Brazil & Belgium
Sustainable fashion for me is non-negotiable respect for the planet we call home and all those who live there. I want to be a sustainable fashion designer because I believe it is possible. I believe in innovative minds and collaboration across the global community to help reframe how we create, relate, and retire products. To me, the journey towards sustainable fashion involves a deeper transformation beyond fashion but also that of humanity. Frances Brunner, Kentucky, Fashion Design student at Kent State University, Finalist of the Redress Design Award 2023
Students are often unable to access affordable, easily accessible, and sustainable fashion choices — this is unacceptable! Students shouldn’t be forced to choose between housing, hunger, or adequate clothing that is good for our environment. Alex Aghdaei, Student at the University of Oregon
My philosophy is straightforward: we must recalibrate our perception of clothing costs. Quality garments, ethically made, should be the norm, not the exception. This means buying less but choosing well, embracing secondhand fashion, repairing existing clothes, and supporting innovative brands. Katya Moorman, Co-founder and Editor of No Kill Magazine, Professor of graduate communication design at Pratt Institute
Right now the [fashion] industry does not seem to reflect the world we live in, and doesn't create space for diverse people to tell their own stories. Ultimately, I envision a fashion industry that prioritizes diverse people and the planet while fostering creativity and beauty. Samata Pattinson, CEO of BLACK PEARL, California

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This Earth Day, put our planet over plastic

We are working to move our country beyond plastic — and we need your help. Will you make a gift in honor of Earth Day to help us keep making progress?