Global warming solutions

A livable climate and a healthy future are possible if we work together to eliminate the pollution and practices warming our planet.

To avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change, from more powerful hurricanes to increased flooding and worsening wildfires, we need to work together to eliminate the pollution and practices warming our planet. That means taking collective action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, transitioning to an electric vehicle future, and powering our lives with clean, renewable energy. And we can all do more to use less energy, and use it more efficiently. Fortunately, global warming solutions are all around us — we just need to use them.

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In the five minutes it takes to fill your gas tank, the U.S. government will give away over $190,000 in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry

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Our tax dollars shouldn't be propping up an industry that's contributing to the climate crisis. We're calling on Congress to end these subsidies.

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I hope to see waste in the fashion industry continue to dwindle. Circularity is paramount for Everywhere and for ensuring a sustainable future on this planet. Irys Placida Kornbluth, COO of Everywhere Apparel, California
Today, I can see that sustainable fashion holds immense power. It's a transformative force that holds the key to transitioning towards a regenerative world, where social, environmental, and climate justice are not just aspirations but reality. Claudia Castanheira, Socioenvironmental Communicator, Writer, and Independent Researcher for Fashion Revolution Brazil & Belgium

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New Whitepaper: Politics of Power

Utility watchdog

New Whitepaper: Politics of Power

Today, Maryland PIRG Foundation released a new white paper which takes a look at the scale of direct lobbying by regulated utilities, as well as other activities that can be reasonably categorized as intended to shift public opinion and influence decision-makers.

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