Make Polluters Pay

To clean up the worst toxic waste sites in our communities, Congress should reinstate the Polluter Pays Tax for the Superfund cleanup program.

Brandon Bourdages |

Do you live near a hazardous waste site? With more than 1,300 toxic waste sites in the United States, millions of Americans do.  The government is cleaning them up, but not fast enough. One reason for the slow pace? All too often, taxpayers, rather than the industries that produced the waste, are left with the cleanup bill. And competition for tax dollars is always fierce.

That’s why we’ve called for a tax on polluting industries. It’s called the Polluter Pays Tax and it’s not a new idea. It was the law before. We just need Congress to reinstate it. So we’re educating people, especially in affected communities, and asking them to tell lawmakers to support the Polluter Pays Tax. And there’s no time to waste, as worsening floods and storms threaten to breach toxic sites and spread the contamination to nearby communities.

Add your voice. Join us in calling on our lawmakers to support the Polluter Pays Tax today.

We may not solve these problems overnight, but working here showed me that I can do work that has a huge, positive impact on people's lives. Jillian Gordner, Law Student, Former Make Polluters Pay Campaign Associate

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