Samata Pattinson

Samata Pattinson
CEO of BLACK PEARL, California

“My name is Samata Pattinson, and I am a Cultural Sustainability Pioneer. Through my organization BLACK PEARL, we’re deeply engaged in fostering sustainable fashion through various initiatives. We facilitate cross-sector collaborations, produce media content, and create storytelling materials to raise awareness about sustainable fashion practices. Our educational programmes equip individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices, while our framework development endeavours establish guidelines for sustainable fashion integration. Additionally, through thought leadership and textile and apparel merchandising efforts, we advocate for and promote sustainable practices within the industry. By harnessing culture as a powerful analytical tool, we intelligently drive sustainable progress, empowering communities and advancing the ethos of responsible fashion consumption and production.”

BLACK PEARL has recently released “The Sustainable Style Guide for Everyone” which is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to learn more about sustainable fashion and how they can join the conversation.

What do you think about fast fashion?

“Fast fashion is a pressing issue due to its harmful environmental and social impacts. Characterized by rapid production cycles and low prices, it leads to excessive consumption, pollution, and exploitation of workers. The industry’s focus on profit over sustainability perpetuates environmental degradation and unethical labour practices. Addressing these concerns requires raising awareness and advocating for more sustainable and ethical alternatives in the fashion industry.”

How do you hope to see the fashion industry change?

“I hope to see a significant shift in the fashion industry towards sustainability, ethics, and better representation. Right now the industry does not seem to reflect the world we live in, and doesn’t create space for diverse people to tell their own stories. This transformation should include widespread adoption of sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, prioritization of ethical labor practices, transparency in supply chains, fostering inclusivity in representation, embracing a circular economy model, educating consumers, and continued innovation. Ultimately, I envision a fashion industry that prioritizes diverse people and the planet while fostering creativity and beauty.”

You can follow along with Samata and BLACK PEARL on social media, or you can visit the BLACK PEARL website here.

Samata was featured as a panelist on our “Voices for Sustainable Fashion” Webinar on May 8, 2024. The conversation featured legislators and leaders who are advancing sustainability in the fashion industry. You can watch the recording and learn about all the incredible panelists here.


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