Brooke Bowlin

Brooke Bowlin
Sustainable fashion advocate, Missouri

As an advocate for sustainable fashion, Brooke has gathered a large following on social media. She uses her social media platform and her website, Nuance Required, to break down the complexities in pursuing a more sustainable fashion industry. Brooke is a firm believer that “education is the foundation to action.” To back up this belief, she releases a bi-weekly newsletter and creates sustainability guides like “How to Make the Most of Your Closet Without Buying New.”

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“Fast fashion has created a culture of overconsumption that our planet cannot maintain and that threatens human life. My hope is to be a part of shifting the narrative around fashion to be an industry that stewards its resources well and to be an intentional people that value each other and our clothes more.”

Brooke's story

Listen to Brooke talk about her journey in advocating for sustainable fashion.


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