Amma Aburam

Amma Aburam
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Style & Sustain magazine, London

“Fast Fashion is a major contributor to the overall climate crisis we are all facing. Over-production and over-consumption of garments has led to the destruction of ecosystems through waste creation, as well as the violation of human labour rights in its manufacturing processes. On a planet with 8 billion people, over 100 billion garments are produced each year in the industry. It simply does not make sense to produce so much waste our planet will eventually not be able to handle.”

Amma is a writer, speaker and advocate within the sustainable fashion industry. “Across these roles, [her] goal is to highlight stories, initiatives and solutions from the Global South which are often overlooked but are crucial ways forward in changing the fashion industry. Changing the industry for the better means including every voice, culture, and people to find a solution.”

She launched Style & Sustain Magazine over five years ago after watching The True Cost documentary which uncovers the various environmental and labor rights issues within the fashion industry. The magazine serves as “a practical guide to loving fashion mindfully and a celebration of authentic style, all while turning everyday conversation into potential action for positive impact.” It also “has an emphasis on encouraging businesses, institutions, and brands to take control of their impact.”

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Amma Aburam's Story

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