Irys Placida Kornbluth

Irys Placida Kornbluth
COO of Everywhere Apparel, California

“As a product designer, I am a first-hand witness to the incredible amount of waste that can be created in the production of physical goods. Everywhere Apparel prioritizes circularity and creativity in design, providing high-quality, 100% GRS-certified recycled cotton pieces that keep waste out of landfills. What separates Everywhere from other companies is that consumers don’t look to us for just a one-time buy of t-shirts as they look to other players in the space, like cheap or fast fashion brands. Instead, we’re constantly working with our customers to find new ways to repurpose their existing materials and items to achieve circularity in fashion.

What do you think about fast fashion?

“Many of our fast fashion buying behaviors are linked to the impulse to purchase items on the internet, along with the instant gratification and overall affordability that comes with it. The internet makes it easy to see things, buy them and get them. But we don’t consider the ramifications of this buying behavior on the fashion industry or the planet. Fast fashion blew up due to the industry’s lack of regulation and transparency, and we’re starting to see brands be held accountable. There are a lot of steps in the manufacturing process that companies weren’t disclosing in the past. Fortunately, we’re beginning to see larger fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M looking more into sustainability practices due to pressure from their customers. As companies look for ways to meet the needs of their customers, they’re quickly making commitments to change their ways.”

How do you hope to see the fashion industry change?

“I hope to see waste in the fashion industry continue to dwindle. Circularity is paramount for Everywhere and for ensuring a sustainable future on this planet. There are always losses at every stage of manufacturing physical products, where materials get trashed and end up in landfills, causing detriment to our environment, but Everywhere is combating that. I’d also like to see increased regulation in the US to hold manufacturers and brands accountable for the end-of-life repair and reuse cycles of the products they manufacture.”

Irys was featured as a panelist on our “Voices for Sustainable Fashion” Webinar on May 8, 2024. The conversation featured legislators and leaders who are advancing sustainability in the fashion industry. You can watch the recording and learn about all the incredible panelists here.


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