Amanda Lapham

Amanda Lapham
Co-Founder of Wolven & Creative Designer, California

“The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all global climate emissions. Fashion has the power to be a force for good. For something that has the power to allow people to positively express themselves, promote creativity, and connect with our cultures, it is tragic how polluting and problematic the industry as a whole is on people and our planet. I am an advocate for sustainable fashion to promote the intersection of creativity and activism while working to design more regenerative and circular futures.

When I envision a sustainable fashion future I really see it being a collaborative ecosystem where brands, designers, activists, and leaders are coming together to design new systems (not just new clothes). I’d love to see more brands sharing textiles, sharing educational resources, combining community and activist efforts, and overall working together to create beautiful fashion that doesn’t come at the expense of workers or our environment.

What really motivates me is the intersection between creativity and activism. I believe fashion and design is an incredibly inspiring way to open the door for more people with all different interests and skills to get involved in the environmental movement — and at the end of the day that is so important to create the large-scale impact we need to see.”

More About Amanda:

Amanda is a former climate action lobbyist turned creative designer and Co-Founder of the sustainable brand Wolven. As Co-Founder she helped develop Wolven’s first annual impact reports and was lead designer of the streetwear capsule, Metamorphosis, created from 100% reclaimed waste cotton.

As a grassroots organizer she worked at PennEnvironment with local communities and legislators to advocate for local, state, and federal environmental policies and was nominated for Philadelphia Activist of the Year.

Amanda also runs her own creative studio offering design and sustainability consulting to mission-driven brands. She is passionate about the connection between art and activism and believes creativity is a powerful way to make change.

Amanda was featured as a panelist on our “Voices for Sustainable Fashion” Webinar on May 8, 2024. The conversation featured legislators and leaders who are advancing sustainability in the fashion industry. You can watch the recording and learn about all the incredible panelists here.