CO Legislature sends electronics Right to Repair legislation to Governor’s desk

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DENVER – The Colorado legislature sent a bill to the Governor’s desk that would ensure Coloradans have access to the tools, parts, diagnostics and software they need to fix common electronics – everything from blenders and refrigerators to laptops and cell phones to appliances and IT equipment. This is the third Right to Repair bill Colorado has passed after previous bills enshrined the ability for Coloradans to fix agricultural equipment and powered wheelchairs.

Once signed, Coloradans would have the broadest repair rights of any state.

“Everything breaks at some point and when it does, we should have the freedom to fix it,” said Danny Katz, CoPIRG executive director. “Right to Repair gives us options when our products fail. This bill empowers consumers, letting us choose when, where, and how we fix our products. And having options saves us time and money while reducing the amount of waste that we produce.”  

The Colorado legislation builds on successful efforts in Oregon, Minnesota and California — and includes language restricting companies ability to use software locks to restrict repair.