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A legacy of action for the future

You can extend the CoPIRG tradition of public interest action on behalf of our nation’s consumers for generations to come.

Your gift to CoPIRG, a 501(c)(4) organization, can have a lasting impact.

Giving through your will

We would consider it an honor to be remembered in your will.

Making a bequest to CoPIRG is simple and satisfying. In most cases, the addition of a few sentences to your will can complete the gift.

Please consult with your attorney before making any changes to your will.

More about giving through your will

Keeping your will or living trust updated is essential to ensure that all of your wishes will be carried out. It’s easy to remember CoPIRG in your will or living trust. Your advisor can include just a few sentences to arrange the gift.

Through a will or trust, you can give:

  • A specific dollar amount or asset, such as securities.
  • A percentage of your estate.
  • A gift from the balance of your estate after expenses have been paid and specific and general bequests have been honored.

Please consult with your attorney before making any changes to your will.

Retirement Accounts

An IRA or 401(k) can be an efficient way to save for retirement, but it is not always the best gift to leave to your heirs. These assets can be a way to include CoPIRG in your estate plan.

More about giving through retirement accounts

Most retirement plans are tax-deferred, meaning that you do not pay income tax on the assets in a retirement plan until they are distributed to you.  Because retirement assets that are unused during your lifetime may be subject to both income and estate taxes, these may be among the costliest assets to distribute to loved ones through your estate.

A retirement account can be gifted to a nonprofit organization such as CoPIRG. Unlike an individual beneficiary, a tax-exempt non-profit like CoPIRG will not be subject to income tax on the value of the account. Consequently, leaving retirement account funds to a nonprofit can maximize the final value of your gift.

Naming or changing your beneficiary is simple. After checking with your advisors, ask the administrator of your retirement plan for a beneficiary designation form, fill it out, and return it to the administrator.

Life Insurance

In some circumstances, you can name CoPIRG as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

More about giving through life insurance

Sometimes circumstances change and life insurance is no longer a critical part of an estate plan. If you wish to redirect life insurance, it’s simple to do so. You can designate a nonprofit such as CoPIRG as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, which you will continue to own during your lifetime.  After consulting with your advisors, ask your insurance agent how to make this simple change to your policy.

IRA Charitable Rollover

Our sister organization, CoPIRG Foundation is qualified to receive lifetime IRA distributions. Learn more on the CoPIRG Foundation website.


Securities can be donated either through a bequest or as a lifetime gift.

More about gifts of securities

To get our DTC number and account number or other resources regarding planned giving, please email our planned giving coordinator using the form below, or call 1-800-841-7299.

Cy Pres Awards

Cy Pres awards have provided funding for some of our most successful pro-consumer efforts, and have enabled us to seize opportunities to launch new initiatives. If you are in a position to direct a Cy Pres award, we would be grateful for the support.

Read more about Cy Pres awards

Vehicle Donation

You can donate cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles to our sister organization, CoPIRG Foundation, through Charitable Auto Resources. Your donation may be tax-deductible.

Learn more at the website of CoPIRG Foundation, our sister 501(c)(3) organization.

Public Interest Champions Circle

The Public Interest Champions Circle was established to recognize and thank our donors who have expressed their commitment to creating a healthier, safer, more secure future by remembering CoPIRG or CoPIRG Foundation in their estate plans.

If you’ve already included CoPIRG or CoPIRG Foundation in your estate plans or are planning to do so, email our Planned Giving Coordinator using the form below, or call 1-800-841-7299 to find out how to enroll in the Public Interest Champions Circle.


Contributions to CoPIRG, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not deductible as charitable contributions. However, gifts to our sister organization, CoPIRG Foundation, are tax-deductible in many circumstances. Your professional advisors can analyze the effect upon your own estate of a gift to either of these organizations.

Contact our Planned Giving Department

For questions about membership or automatic giving, please contact our Membership Services Department through the form on our main contact page, or call 1-800-838-6554.

To find out more about planned giving, including our tax identification number and other resources, please email our planned giving coordinator using the form below, or call 1-800-841-7299.

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