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Beyond plastic

Tell your U.S. House representative: Support the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act

The Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act will hold companies accountable for dumping millions of plastic pellets into our waterways.

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ConnPIRG is an advocate for the public interest. We speak out for the public and stand up to special interests on problems that affect the public's health, safety and wellbeing.

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America’s best places to recharge

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I like that PIRG digs down and finds ways the system has been rigged against our long-term welfare and tries to translate that into legislative and legal action at the state, local and national levels. Nick Bridge, Member
We have a vision to transform our transportation system Danny Katz, Executive Director, CoPIRG
I greatly appreciate PIRG for fighting for a safer, healthier world. Helen M, Member
I see daily reminders of how much damage we have done and know that fixing that damage starts with me. Matt C.V., Member
I think your organization has done a great job selecting issues where the public interest needs an advocate. Clare Feinson, Member