Yahoo – Light Rail Moves Forward in Phoenix!

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Arizona PIRG has been a staunch supporter of improving and increasing light rail in the Valley. Tonight we are pleased the Phoenix City Council voted to move forward with the South Central Light Rail Extension.

Arizona PIRG participated in public meetings that helped shaped T2050. Once Prop. 104 was referred to the ballot, we spoke with individuals across Phoenix; met with public health, community, consumer, transportation and other organizations; and gained the support of local businesses. We heard the desire for increased transportation options in the City of Phoenix and we saw that support reflected at the ballot box.

Heading into the Phoenix City Council meeting, we knew that the Mayor and members of the City Council had already heard from many citizens in Phoenix about why the South Central extension should proceed. In addition to the many benefits of light rail, here were our top three reasons for the South Central extension to proceed:

  1. Will of the voters. Citizens in Phoenix, including 70% in South Phoenix, that voted on Prop. 104 said yes to the initiative and yes to bringing light rail to South Phoenix.
  2. Financial opportunities. In addition to opportunities light rail can bring to a community, financial resources are available for impacted businesses. Financial resources are also available for the project from the federal government.
  3. Transportation options. Since light rail starting running in the Valley, we have seen strong ridership numbers. Many Phoenix area residents, including millennials and seniors, have chosen not to drive and/or cannot afford to own and maintain a vehicle.

The South Central Light Rail Extension is what voters have demonstrated they want. The South Central Light Rail Extension can provide benefits to the local economy. The South Central Light Rail Extension provides more transportation options for local citizens and tourists. We applaud Mayor Thelda Williams and members of the City Council that voted to proceed with the South Central Light Rail Extension.