Waste & recycling

Buckhorn Mesa landfill
Buckhorn Mesa landfill Alan Levine via pxhere.com | CC-BY-2.0

America has a waste problem. Every day, we extract natural resources to produce goods that are used — often just for a few minutes — before they are thrown into landfills or incinerators or left to litter our communities and the environment.

We need to move toward a zero waste future, which is why PIRG is working to reduce consumption, ensure products are built to last, and push for policies that ensure all materials are reused, recycled or composted in a continuous cycle.


Beyond plastic

America's plastic problem has gotten way out of hand.

Right to repair

We should be able to fix our stuff when it breaks. That means getting the companies who make our stuff, to give us the right to repair our stuff.

Recycling & compost

To reduce waste, conserve natural resources and address the mounting climate crisis, America needs more recycling and composting.

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Help create a world with less plastic waste.

Join with us to tackle the plastic pollution crisis and convince Amazon and other retailers to cut back their waste. Will you donate today?