Looking ahead: protecting the climate, nature and consumers in 2024

Clean air

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Jon Maunder

Media Relations Specialist, The Public Interest Network

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DENVER — The new year provides a fresh opportunity to build a better future. In 2024, The Public Interest Network’s PIRG, Environment America and state groups will once again be at the forefront of creating positive change at the local, state and national levels. 

“In this time of polarization, PIRG’s mission to create positive change for all Americans has never been more important,” said PIRG President Faye Park“We will be working energetically in 2024 to build a healthier, safer world in which we’re freer to pursue our own individual well-being and the common good.

“The coming year will be critical for America’s progress toward clean energy, protecting our wildlife and wild spaces, and keeping our air and water safe from toxics,” said Environment America President Wendy Wendlandt. “Environment America looks forward to working with our supporters, allies and all concerned Americans, to make 2024 a year of progress not paralysis.”

Below are our priority campaigns for 2024 and beyond. Please contact us for data, context or quotes on any of the issues listed below.


Clean energy: Convince at least three more states to commit to a timeline to transition to 100% renewable energy, making 15 states with such a plan. Help consumers, households and businesses access renewable energy through new appliance standards, community solar legislation and building codes.

Conservation: Persuade at least two more states to join the 10 states that have limited bee-killing pesticides. Save marine life and land-based wildlife, insects and plants by approving new conservation zones.

Right to Repair: Give more Americans the right to fix their stuff by advancing state legislation across the country. We were active in 30 states last year, and helped to pass bills in Colorado, Minnesota and California, but we’re just getting started.


Clean air and water: Support bills including the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act to keep plastics out of our waterways. Secure strong administrative rules that would limit soot pollution and climate pollution from power plants, and get lead, toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” and slaughterhouse pollution out of our water.

Clean energy: Urge the Biden administration to finalize energy efficiency standards for household appliances, notably water heaters. Help Americans tap opportunities to go solar, get an electric vehicle or save energy at home thanks to Inflation Reduction Act incentives.

Conservation: Persuade Congress to pass the bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), which will send significant funds to the states for wildlife and habitat conservation efforts. Secure protections for mature and old-growth forests nationwide, and for special places on land and in the ocean, in part by designating national monuments and marine sanctuaries. Save our crucial pollinators — bees and butterflies — by creating the roadside habitats they need.

Consumer protection: Push for mandatory recall authority for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, so it can better protect the public from dangerous products. 

Health care: Win final passage of the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act, to require hospitals to post their prices and to stop them from overbilling patients. Introduce bipartisan legislation to protect patients from out-of-network ambulance surprise bills. Persuade the federal government to use existing laws to make it easier for people to get lower-priced generic versions of prescription drugs. 

Right to Repair: Pass a bill to give all American farmers the right to repair their tractors. Convince the Federal Trade Commission to issue a rule protecting the Right to Repair, as well as requiring companies to provide repair scores for electronic products, so that consumers can make informed decisions.


FedEx: “Help Deliver a Clean Energy Future” — Convince FedEx to install solar panels on all of its rooftops nationwide. The company’s large flat-roofed warehouses and offices have huge renewable energy generating capacity, which could cut its energy bills and help create a better future by tackling climate change at the same time.

Forever 21: “Waste is out of Fashion” —  Persuade Forever 21 and other clothing manufacturers to end the wasteful and environmentally destructive practice of burning or trashing unsold clothing.
GoogleMicrosoft and other tech companies: We will continue to convince electronics manufacturers to expand the lifespan of our gadgets, to save money for consumers and save the planet from growing piles of toxic e-waste.

Mastercard and its peers: Press credit card companies to commit to using consumers’ purchase histories only for credit card-related purposes, and not repurposing that data for unrelated uses, such as targeted advertising. 

Meta: release safety data on VR headsets: Urge Meta to stop advertising its VR headsets to children and teens until it releases research publicly proving it’s a safe technology for developing brains. Continue to inform parents and educate consumers generally about the potential risks.