Prissila Moreno

Prissila Moreno
OSPIRG Vice Chair, OSPIRG Waste is out of Fashion campaign coordinator at the University of Oregon

“Growing up in a low income community, fast fashion was the most accessible and affordable choice for us. Learning about the negative impacts of the industry on people around the world and on our environment can create a burden on those that can’t afford sustainably sourced/created clothes. Because of this, I am running the Waste is Out of Fashion campaign at the University of Oregon to change the narrative and place the responsibility back onto corporations creating these problems.

Fast fashion not only harms the environment but also harms lower income, underprivileged communities all around the world. Fast fashion targets the youth demographic, perpetuating our culture of overconsumption.

Through calling on companies to change their practices, I hope for an industry that is never inherently unsustainable to shop from.”

Learn more about the work OSPIRG students are doing at the University of Oregon.

Prissila joined Kathryn Horvath (Waste is Out of Fashion campaign associate, PIRG) and Sophia Angeles (UCLA Waste is Out of Fashion campaign coordinator) to train students on how to run a successful campaign targeting fast fashion on their own campus. You can watch the webinar, “Trash talk: How students can tackle fast fashion” below. You can also view our free resource packet here.


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