North Carolina Representative Julie von Haefen

Julie von Haefen
North Carolina Representative

“Repair scores provide a simple, reliable way to know what we are paying for before we buy expensive electronics. Manufacturers already have this data to comply with laws in other countries. American consumers deserve the same transparency and protection as anyone else.”

“If you pay your hard-earned money for an electronic like a phone or laptop, it should be yours, full-stop. That is what it means to buy and own things. Manufacturers have increasingly used hostile design to ensure you can’t repair many of these products; moreover, you can’t even pay a technician to do it for you like we have done with our cars and appliances for decades. A federal standard for repair scores—data these companies already have because of existing laws in other nations—is a simple and concrete way to force companies to be accountable to consumers. American consumers deserve to know what they are getting for their money.”


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