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What’s next for Maryland’s Climate Plan

Maryland is finalizing its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan to implement our goal of reaching 60% emissions reductions by 2031.

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Maryland is working to finalize its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan by the end of the year to lay out how the state plans to meet its ambitious climate goals required by the Climate Solutions Now Act (CSNA) of 2022. 

The Maryland Department of Environment released their draft Climate Pathway report in June, and this week collected final comments from Marylanders on how the state can reduce climate emissions 60% by 2031.

The Maryland’s Climate Pathway report includes a vast set of recommendations for further policies needed to hit the goals laid out in the Climate Solutions Now Act including:

  • Expanding the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to generate 100% of the state’s electricity from clean sources;
  • Reducing emissions from buildings by implementing the Building Emissions Performance Standards and the state’s energy efficiency program (EmPOWER), and set all-electric construction standards and zero-emissions appliance standards;
  • Increasing public transit options and access to safe walking/biking paths and reducing emissions from vehicles and expanding electric vehicle electrification infrastructure.

Maryland PIRG and Environment Maryland provided feedback on the plans with a particular focus on energy efficiency and 100% clean energy.

In addition, Maryland PIRG and Environment Maryland joined a dozen groups providing feedback on how to reduce emissions from our homes and buildings.

As the Pathways Report and feedback make clear, global warming solutions are all around us – we just need to use them.  By implementing these solutions, we can give our children and grandchildren the healthier future they deserve.

Turning up the heat in our homes shouldn’t turn up pollution

Energy efficiency

Turning up the heat in our homes shouldn’t turn up pollution

The Department of Energy has proposed the first meaningful update in over 30 years to efficiency standards for furnaces and boilers.If adopted, these standards will not only lower energy bills for millions of Americans, but they will also reduce the pollution that’s warming our planet.


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