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VIDEO: Parts Pairing can kill repair. Here’s how we can stop it.

One of the most pernicious obstacles to Right to Repair is “parts pairing,” when manufacturers (including Apple) lock out new spare parts with software. Parts pairing gives the manufacturer the ability to discourage, or even outright prevent, certain parts from being swapped, even with manufacturer-original replacements. 

The Right to Repair coalition, led by iFixit, is targeting this practice, and working to ban any proprietary parts pairing systems. A ban on this practice was included in our recent petition to the FTC, and we are working with some states on specific requirements to undermine the practice. Our criticisms of parts pairing was highlighted in a New York Times investigation which quotes PIRG’s Nathan Proctor and other repair advocates

Check out Nathan’s new explainer video on how parts pairing works. 

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

Right to repair

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

It's harder than it should be to fix our stuff. Manufacturers of every electronic product from toasters to tractors create barriers that stymie repair from owners or independent repair businesses. It's fueling a rise in electronic waste, the loss of independent repair businesses -- and ultimately more cost and more waste for consumers.

FTC: I support Right to Repair

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