Oregon could be the next state with an e-bike rebate program

A bill expected to be filed soon would introduce a rebate program to Oregon residents offering up to $1,700 to assist with the purchasing of an e-bike. 

Peip Van Heuven | Used by permission
Darnell Robinson received his electric bike as part of Colorado's CAN DO mini pilot e-bike program.

As the popularity of e-bikes has continued to rise over the past few years, elected officials have started to take action to support this quickly spreading form of active mobility. Many cities and states across the countries have created e-bike rebate programs in order to assist their residents in securing this technology. Luckily for the residents of Oregon, they may be the next state to establish its own e-bike rebate program. State Representative Grayber is expected to refile a bill this coming legislative session which if passed would introduce a rebate program to Oregon residents offering up to $1,700 to assist with the purchasing of a bike. 

The spread of e-bike rebate programs is a win for e-bike riders and non bike riders alike. While the most direct benefit of this type of program is felt by riders who get assistance in dealing with the relatively high cost of an e-bike  there are also a variety of secondary benefits that exist thanks to the program’s ability to increase the number of e-bikes on the road. By introducing more e-bikes to a community, programs like these can begin taking cars off the road in favor of active transportation. By replacing short car trips the rise in e-bike popularity can reduce emissions, reduce air pollution and even lessen roadway congestion. Programs such as the one that will be considered by Oregon’s state legislature provides a variety of benefits to bike riders and non riders alike. To learn more about the benefits of e-bikes visit Charged Up: Electric Bike Fact Sheet.  

Ryan Giunta

Former Transform Transportation, Associate, PIRG

Matt Casale

Former Director, Environment Campaigns, PIRG


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