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Joint resolution for repairability score passes Colorado legislature

Colorado's "super comment" comes as the Federal Trade Commission is asking for feedback on what they can do to support repair on a state level.

Alec Meltzer | TPIN

The Colorado Senate joined the Colorado House in passing a joint resolution calling for a national Right to Repair score system for our tech.

The resolution will be sent to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has opened up a public comment period until February 2 asking for feedback on how they can help states improve and foster repair.

Repair scores for tech such as laptops, phones, and appliances provide consumers with a 1 through 10 score that measures availability of spare parts, ease of disassembly, and longevity of support.

You can read more about how this “super comment” from Colorado can lead to a national repairability score for our stuff here.

What is a repair score and why did Colorado just pass a resolution calling for one?

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