Statement: Investigation into Big Oil’s climate disinformation underscores need for fossil fuel accountability

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Alex Smalto

Oil companies testified at a congressional hearing on their role downplaying the climate crisis


WASHINGTON — Major oil company executives testified at a congressional hearing on Thursday, answering questions on the fossil fuel industry’s role in the spread of climate disinformation. Coined a “landmark” hearing, it is the first time fossil fuel company and trade association leaders were questioned, under oath, about their knowledge of the industry’s role in downplaying the climate crisis and preventing climate action. 

In response, Alex Smalto, U.S. PIRG End Fossil Fuel Subsidies campaign associate, issued the following statement: 

“Congress’ investigation into the fossil fuel industry’s role in downplaying global warming is an important step toward building a greener future. For too long, the fossil fuel industry has been reaping the benefits of subsidies and tax breaks while polluting our planet and threatening public health. We can no longer tolerate the industry sowing doubt and spreading denial about climate change when we are already seeing its devastating effects. It’s time for big oil, coal and gas companies to be held accountable for the damage they have caused. Congress taking action to hold fossil fuel companies accountable is exactly what we need.”

Morgan Folger, Environment America’s Destination: Zero Carbon campaign director, said:

“By holding the fossil fuel industry accountable for their actions we are setting the stage for cleaner energy, cleaner transportation and a cleaner world. The warming of our planet calls for immediate action to curb global warming pollution. We thank Congress for pushing the industry to take responsibility for fueling the climate crisis. Curtailing fossil fuel companies’ ability to profit off of polluting the planet helps us move toward an electric future and leave fossil fuels in the past.”