Illinois to investigate the future of gas

The Illinois Commerce Commission initiated the Future of Gas proceeding to explore issues related to a transition off the gas system

Illinois Commerce Commission building
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Illinois Commerce Commission Springfield Office

The Illinois Commerce Commission initiated a Future of Gas proceeding on March 7th. This proceeding was originally called for in the final orders of the four major gas utility rate cases which concluded in November 2023. The Commission stated that this proceeding is necessary because the gas distribution system must change to reach Illinois’ 100 percent clean energy goal set by the 2021 Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA).

In order to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, Illinois needs to transition off of burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, power cars, and heat our homes. Just as we transitioned from burning coal to burning gas for home heating and cooking, it is time to start the transition to powering our homes with electricity generated by 100% renewable energy. 

The proceeding will include discussion on what action will be needed to decarbonize the gas system including increasing reliance on the  electric distribution system, potential uses for remaining gas infrastructure after transition, and “legislative and regulatory changes needed to effectuate any needed transition.” The initiating order requires all investor-owned gas and electric utilities to participate in the proceeding and encourages other stakeholders like municipal and cooperative utilities to participate as well.

The Future of Gas proceeding will include two series of workshops. The first workshop series will begin in April  and will determine a range of issues related to decarbonizing the gas sector. The second workshop series will address potential solutions and recommendations to address the issues identified in the first series. The final report is to be finalized no later than July 1st, 2025.


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