Clean energy

A new clean energy future is possible, but only if we work together to make it happen.

We can generate the power we need without polluting our air or destroying our climate. It’s time to transition away from polluting fossil fuels and instead choose wind, solar, electric and other clean, safe sources of energy. Momentum is building, and the technology we need in order to transition away from fossil fuels is better and cheaper than ever. Together, we can overcome the industry interests blocking progress and get our leaders to make the investments necessary to achieve a clean energy future.

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On March 29, 2022, for a brief moment, more of America’s electricity came from wind power than from coal and nuclear plants combined.

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Wind isn't the only renewable power source that can make our electricity mix cleaner. Electric school buses have the potential to bring even greater benefits when equipped with technology that allows them to deliver power to buildings and back to the grid.

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Testimony in Opposition to HB5589 before the Energy & Environment Committee

Nuclear power risks

Testimony in Opposition to HB5589 before the Energy & Environment Committee

Illinois’ moratorium on new nuclear power plant construction is sound policy that should be maintained. The United States has no long-term plan for the safe storage of nuclear waste, nuclear power is cost-prohibitive, and Illinois can better meet its long-term energy needs through 100% renewable energy.

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