ADVISORY: Lawmakers from across U.S. to expose how tech lobbyists hurt your ability to keep data private

Media Contacts
R.J. Cross

Director, Don't Sell My Data Campaign, U.S. PIRG Education Fund

WHAT: A bipartisan group of lawmakers from six states will testify Friday about the impacts of tech industry lobbying on state privacy bills. The Vermont House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development hearing will happen as Vermont considers a data privacy bill that industry lobbyists have tried to undermine. 

Heavy lobbying from tech industry trade groups and companies such as Amazon has led to weak data privacy laws across the nation, as detailed in a report from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and U.S. PIRG Education Fund earlier this year. The report card, The State of Privacy, gave nearly half of the states that had passed consumer privacy laws as of February 2024 a failing grade for protecting consumers’ data. 

State legislators will also discuss the increasing trend of local retailers using tech industry talking points to lobby against privacy bills. Rep. Maggie O’Neil will discuss how this tactic contributed to privacy legislation being voted down in the Maine Legislature this month, while Del. Sara Love will discuss how Maryland passed a strong privacy bill in spite of fierce industry opposition.


  • State Sen. Whitney Westerfield, (R-KY)
  • State Del. Sara Love, (D-MD) 
  • State Rep. Maggie O’Neil, (D-ME)
  • State Sen. Daniel Zolnikov, (R-MT)
  • Fmr. State Rep. Collin Walke, (D-OK)
  • State Rep. Monique Priestly, (D-VT)

WHERE: Montpelier, VT — You can link to the livestream at: