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Ask Best Buy to help protect us from gas stove pollution.

Gas stoves emit health-harming pollutants into our homes, posing a significant risk to our children.


U.S. PIRG Education Fund offers an independent voice that works on behalf of the public interest.

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Pollution-free cooking for the holidays

Clean air

Pollution-free cooking for the holidays

Join us to learn more about the health dangers of gas stoves, hear about the benefits of induction stoves and get information about incentives that are now available to help you make the switch.


Small Machines, Big Pollution

Clean air

Small Machines, Big Pollution

Like many regions in the U.S., Colorado’s Front Range suffers from elevated levels of ground-level ozone pollution. This report explores some of the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment, the outsized role of lawn and garden equipment in contributing to the problem and the benefits of transitioning to electric from gas-powered equipment.