Salt River Project (SRP) Board Votes in Favor of Expanding Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs

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Diane E. Brown

Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Last fall, Salt River Project (SRP) agreed to postpone its proposed rate hike due to significant concerns about the size of the increase and SRP’s limited investments in energy efficiency and clean renewable energy.  Since that time, groups including the Arizona PIRG Education Fund and the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club have asked ratepayers to send SRP the message that it should focus more on increased energy efficiency and renewable energy and not on coal or other dirty energy sources.  As a result, hundreds of comments were sent to SRP with that message and today the SRP voted to approve the increase in energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. 

“From businesses in Glendale to residents in Gilbert, SRP ratepayers sent a message to increase energy efficiency, which ultimately will lower electricity bills and benefit our economy,” stated Diane E. Brown, Executive Director of the Arizona PIRG Education Fund.

SRP’s rate hike of 4.9% is attributable in part to the costs associated with the Springerville Generating Station (Unit 4) and for pollution controls at Coronado Generating Station, both of which are coal-fired power plants.

“Investing is polluting coal-fired plants will cost SRP customers, as well as our air and water, even more in the future,“ said Sandy Bahr, Chapter Director of the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter. “Energy efficiency programs, however, will save customers money, reduce energy use, cut pollution, and reduce water consumption.  Installation of energy saving devices and appliances also helps create jobs at a time when we really need them. We are pleased SRP is investing in efficiency measures and look forward to seeing it ramp up these investments even more in the coming years.”

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