Quotes from Arizona Legislators on Behalf of the Arizona Student Vote Coalition

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Diane E. Brown

Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Senator Amanda Aguirre, District 24
“I am proud to be cultivating citizenship in our young people by encouraging them to register and vote.”

Senator Sylvia Allen, District 5
“The best way for young people to feel part of this country is to vote.  But not only vote but be an informed voter and know what the candidates stand for.  Understand how government works and the principles upon which this Nation was founded.  Know who your representatives are and how a bill becomes a law.  We have a great country which allows its citizens to take part in the governing process.  We can make things better by being involved.  I can’t think of anything better for our country than the fresh ideas and energy young people will bring to the process.”

Senate President Tim Bee, District 30
“We face many challenges as a state that directly affects young people. Students need to vote to have a voice in issues such as college tuition and the availability of high-paying jobs. An informed and involved citizenry is also critically important to preserving our democracy and our young people are America’s future leaders, and – more importantly – America’s future citizens. Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree encouraging young people to get involved and vote is not just worthwhile, but critically important.”

Senator Ron Gould, District 3
“When we engage young people in the political process today, we get them started down the path of lifelong participation in their community.”

Senator Linda Gray, District 10
“Young people are our future, but I encourage them to start working on the issues that will affect them today by registering to vote and making it to the polls.”

Senator John Huppenthal, District 20
“Young people represent nearly a quarter of the electorate and to further our democracy now and in the future we need to make sure that they register, vote and are engaged in the political process.”

Senator Barbara Leff, District 11
“When young adults vote, they are actively engaging in charting their own futures.”

Senator Rebecca Rios, District 23
“Let this election be an opportunity for young people to be more involved in the civic process than ever before.”

Representative Jack Brown, District 5
“If young people don’t get registered and vote, then their voices will go unheard. That is why I am supporting the Arizona Student Vote Coalition in their effort to register our youth and get them to the polls in November.”

Representative Jennifer Burns, District 25
“In order for young people to take control of their future, they need to get involved in our elections. That is why I am supporting the non-partisan Arizona Student Vote Coalition’s get out the vote efforts.”

Representative Chabin, District 2
“Young people are going to feel the impact of what we legislators do for years to come. That is why we need to hear their voices through voting. When young voters speak out, we will listen.”

Representative John Kavanagh, District 8
“I urge all young people to learn about the candidates and the issues and get out and vote. The vote of an 18 year old carries as much weight as that of an 80 year old. The only worthless vote is one that is not cast.”

Representative Lucy Mason, District 1
“It is incredibly important for our students to become interested in a range of issues and educated to make informed decisions.  We need to have young people register and vote.  Voting could be considered the most significant way to exercise the freedom of speech.”

Representative John McComish, District 20
“If young people aren’t involved in the political process, then we will have a government that makes decisions for them, not with them.”

Representative Marian McClure, District 30
“As a long time proponent of young people being engaged in the political process, I am proud to support the efforts of the Arizona Student Vote Coalition to encourage 18-30 year olds to register and vote.” 

Representative Barbara McGuire, District 23
“Young people are the pillar of our future. This year, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to strengthen our democracy by involving more young people than ever before.”

Representative Nancy McLain, District 3
“By encouraging young people to participate in the political process today, we are investing in the future of our democracy.”

Representative John Nelson, District 12
“The biggest right you have is the right to vote. If you don’t use it, our founders’ efforts were in vain.”

Representative Lynne Pancrazi, District 24
“Our youth are the future of our country and we need to make sure they are informed and involved in the democratic process that makes the United States so great.”

Representative Pete Rios, District 23
“There is no cause more noble than making sure that our democracy remains strong by encouraging young people to get involved.”

Representative Andy Tobin, District 1
“As a legislator, a citizen, and a parent of five children, I couldn’t be any more certain that the participation of our youth in our political process is crucial. That is why I am supporting the efforts of the non-partisan Arizona Student Vote Coalition to ensure young people register and vote.”

Representative Jackie Thrasher, District 10
“Your vote is your voice and even if your candidate doesn’t win, it’s the message that changes the debate. Without participating we stand to lose the delicate balance that makes democracy a reality.”

Representative Theresa Ulmer, District 24
“Making sure young people are engaged in the political process is the first step towards strengthening our democracy in the future.”

Representative Jerry Weiers, District 12
“The laws we pass today will have a profound impact on the lives of young people in the future.  That is why I’m supporting the Arizona Student Vote Coalition’s efforts to involve our youth.”

House Speaker Jim Weiers, District 10
“I hope the young people who are now coming of voting age plan to use their right this year. Arizona has made it easy to both vote and learn about the candidates and ballot propositions. Voting is the easiest and best way to get involved in our community.”