Professor Elizabeth Warren and New Consumer Bureau Launch Website –

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Diane E. Brown

Statement of Diane E. Brown on the launch of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new website

Arizona PIRG Education Fund

“The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has something new for American consumers. is a government website that actually says ‘come on in and talk with us’ instead of one that says ‘go away, we cannot help.’
The website,, is chock-full of features that help show why creating the consumer bureau as part of Wall Street reform was a step toward better government, not more government.
“Even though the CFPB will not formally take on its responsibilities to help consumers navigate the financial marketplace until this July, its leaders, under Professor Elizabeth Warren, are already asking consumers to tell their stories and ask questions, using the most modern web tools, including videos and social networking platforms.
We encourage consumers to check out and let the CFPB know about their good and bad experiences in the financial world.”