Arizona takes step that could boost electric vehicle ownership, invests in charging infrastructure

Arizona is in the process of making it easier for you to go electric with your next car.

On July 11, the Arizona Corporation Commission voted to move forward with a plan to require Arizona Public Service, Tucson Electric Power and other utilities it regulates to develop pilot programs to boost electric vehicle use. One million electric vehicles on Arizona’s roads would result in cleaner air and save Arizona customers—regardless of whether they own an electric vehicle—up to $176 per household per year by 2050.

Arizona PIRG Education Fund supported this plan from the beginning. The commission’s decision “enables the expansion of infrastructure to help meet the increased demand for EVs on our roads,” Diane E. Brown, executive director of Arizona PIRG Education Fund was quoted as saying in Utility Dive. “More EVs in our state will result in ratepayer, air quality and public health benefits.”

Arizona PIRG Education Fund is calling for a transition from gas-powered to electric vehicles. This latest development is an important step in the right direction.

Read the full article at Utility Dive.

Photo Caption: The Arizona Corporation Commission’s guidelines for new electric vehicle pilot programs included guidelines for where to build new charging stations, like the one pictured above. Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Energy