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Lynda Grose

Lynda Grose
Professor of Fashion Design and Critical Studies at California College of the Arts

Professor Grose is a fashion designer, author and educator.

“I first became aware of the impacts of fashion products while working as a (conventional) designer in the late 1980’s. As a designer, I started researching not just the operations of the company, the product itself and together with other like minded employees, proposed strategies for product design that had less ecological impact. This resulted in a line of ‘ecologically responsible’ clothing called Ecollection being launched at retail in 1992. This changed my whole career and I have focused on sustainability ever since in my own practice and in my teaching.”

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“Fashion is not a problem at all. Humans have naturally adorned themselves for millennia. We express ourselves and connect to others using fashion language/coding. At its best, fashion is a joyful expression of creativity, values and belonging.

The way we currently conduct business is the problem, not only for fashion but across all industries. We extract materials from the natural world at greater speeds and volumes than nature can replenish, process those materials into salable products at greater volumes than people can possibly buy, and create waste at greater speed and volumes than neither nature nor our current industrial processes can process. The business imperative to increase profits every season compels companies to drive costs down while increasing the volume of products they sell. It puts downward pressure on the wages for workers in the supply chain and makes companies ignore costs for cleaning up/mitigating ecological impacts their production causes.”


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