CALPIRG member Stacey Bertolet

I’m part of the team

Anastasia "Stacey" Bertolet

Clean water

I grew up in a small town in southern California called Green Valley Lake that had a permanent population of 150 residents. When I was about 13, I noticed that the relatively new concrete spillway was clogged with debris. I convinced two girlfriends to gather wheelbarrows, shovels and brooms and we spent an entire day cleaning that public space. Now I support CALPIRG because they work to keep our water clean, from clean drinking water to pristine rivers and oceans.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where profits are equated with success and big profits are demanded by shareholders. Therefore, there is a huge need for groups such as CALPIRG to watch out for “the little guy” and for the planet. Being part of CALPIRG makes me feel like I’m part of the team even though I’m not actually doing the work.