UPDATE: Colorado to hear new Right to Repair bill Thursday

After passing protections for wheelchair users and farmers, Colorado considers a broader Right to Repair measure

Colorado Right to Repair leads sponsors Rep. Weinberg and Rep. Titone stand in front of the vote board indicating 44 ayes and 17 nays for HB23-1011
Brianna Titone | Public Domain
Colorado Right to Repair chief sponsor Brianna Titone (right) celebrates passage of Right to Repair for farm equipment last year.

On Thursday, February 29, Colorado Lawmakers will hold a hearing to discuss an expansion to current repair laws in the House Business and Labor Committee. The hearing will be closely watched as Colorado has established itself as a leader on Right to Repair, passing groundbreaking agricultural and wheelchair repair laws in 2022 and 2023. 

The newest bill expands those rights to encompass most electronics, so that product owners and independent repair professionals can access parts, tools, and documentation needed to complete repairs on appliances, personal devices and business electronics. 

PIRG has been pushing for Right to Repair across the country because we believe that when things break, you fix them. It’s common sense. When your TV screen breaks, your computer battery dies, or your phone won’t turn on, you should be able to fix it yourself or take your product to a local independent repair shop. This keeps electronics in use and off the scrap heap — saving consumers money and cutting electronic waste. 


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