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PIRG urges US House to pass Lower Costs, More Transparency Act

Our letter asks the House to pass laws to increase price transparency and end medical billing abuses.

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The US House is set to vote on a major piece of health care legislation that would begin to address skyrocketing health care costs. Among other provisions, it would:

  1. Strengthen price transparency regulations and create more meaningful enforcement compared to current law;
  2. Implement site-neutral payments for certain services, moving the health care system away from pricing based on where services are provided; and
  3. Require off-campus hospital locations to have separate identifiers for billing purposes, preventing providers from using more expensive hospital codes for services that didn’t take place at an actual hospital.

PIRG sent a letter asking representatives to vote “yes” on this legislation, scheduled for a vote on Monday, December 11. Passing this bill would be a great first step to lower health care costs and more tools in the toolbox for patient protection. You can send a letter to your Representative asking them to pass the bill using the link below.

Maribeth Guarino

Former High Value Health Care, Advocate, PIRG

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