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Appliance standards and clean lighting bill passes legislature

HB 1161 will cut ozone pollution, reduce energy waste, end toxic lighting and save consumers money.

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A bill that will reduce ozone pollution from buildings and end toxic lighting passed the legislature on May 1. Sponsored by Representatives Kipp and Willford and Senators Cutter and Winter, HB23-1161, “Environmental Standards for Appliances,” now heads to Gov. Polis for signature.

By updating emissions and energy efficiency standards for certain appliances, the new law is expected to cut air pollution, reduce energy and water waste and save consumers money. The bill also includes a “clean lighting” provision to phase out the sale of light bulbs containing toxic mercury. A typical school with four-foot linear lighting would see about $24,000 in lifecycle savings by switching from mercury-containing fluorescents to LEDs, while a typical office would see about $6,000 in savings

Just the third state in the nation to pass a clean lighting policy, advocates are hopeful that Colorado’s new law will build momentum for other states and businesses to follow suit, building support for a global agreement to phase out mercury-containing lighting.

Read CoPIRG’s full statement on the bill.

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