Advance in EV Charging

Cambridge passes first-in-the-state regulations for sidewalk EV charging

Image by A. Krebs from Pixabay |

My hometown of Cambridge MA recently became the first municipality in the state to establish regulations for charging an electric vehicle (EV) over the sidewalk. This has been a big topic of conversation in our household, as we live in a side by side/2 family condo and several months ago our neighbors purchased an EV. Like most residents in the city, we do not have off-street parking or any kind of driveway. They had been taking their car to their office and/or other public charging spots, but obviously that’s less convenient than being able to charge at home.

Of course this topic isn’t just our kitchen table conversation, it’s is an important public policy development, as covered last week  in the Boston Globe.  As I noted in that article, making charging more accessible and convenient in this way is a good first step. Not far down the road, we need to build charging infrastructure for all—not just home by home.  According to the EPA 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the country come from the transportation sector, so moving from gas-powered cars to EVs is a top priority. 


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