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PIRG campaign to pass Lower Costs, More Transparency Act advances

The US House of Representatives passed bipartisan bill to address high costs of care

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With a bipartisan 320-71 vote, the House passed the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act on Monday night. This legislation will require real dollars and cents prices from hospitals and other care settings like ambulatory surgical centers. It will also ensure that price transparency requirements are more closely monitored and enforced so hospitals can’t violate the law without consequence. The bill also begins to expand site-neutral payments, preventing providers from using more expensive “hospital” billing codes for procedures and treatment at non-hospital locations for certain services. Site-neutral payments ensure the same service is billed at the same price, regardless of where services are provided.

This is an important step forward on PIRG’s campaign to contain high health costs. Now the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration. In the Senate, we will work to strengthen the Act by expanding the site-neutral policy to even more types of health care services, saving more money for patients and government health programs.

PIRG will continue advocating for policies that will protect patients and lower health care costs. As part of that campaign, we can amplify your experience with expensive surprise bills or facility fees. Please share your stories with us. Together we can urge the Senate to pass the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act for the President’s signature in the new year.

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