Get Off Fossil Fuels

It’s time for power plants to clean up their act

One million Americans voice support for new limits on climate pollution

Mr. James Kelley |

Coal and gas-fired power plants aren’t just bad for our health. They’re also a major source of the pollution that’s warming our planet, causing deadly heat waves, drought and worsening storms and wildfires. Of the 50 U.S. facilities that emit the most greenhouse gas pollution into our air, 45 are power plants. Together, those 45 power plants emitted 28% of all greenhouse gases from electricity generation nationwide, while generating only 11% of the nation’s power. 

This is a problem we can solve. We must require America’s biggest polluters to clean up their act, instead of continuing to harm our climate and our health, and we shouldn’t allow new power plants to make these problems worse.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed new limits on climate pollution from coal and gas plants, and today, we and our partners delivered one million comments from Americans who want power plants to clean up their act.  

Climate Action Campaign | Used by permission
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