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Health care

A bad deal: Why you don’t want (medical credit) cards in your hand

Headlines amplify evidence of rising health care prices and families struggling to pay their medical bills. The financial industry offers their own solution: the medical credit card. But watch out.

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Vape Waste: The environmental harms of disposable vapes
a disposable cape product deconstructed.

New economy

Vape Waste: The environmental harms of disposable vapes

Vape Waste poses a growing environmental threat. According to CDC Foundation sales estimates, lining-up the disposable vapes sold in a year would stretch for 7,000 miles—long enough to span the continental U.S. twice. Because there is no standard legal way to recycle these products, many users just toss them.


The Threat of “Forever Chemicals”

Clean water

The Threat of “Forever Chemicals”

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS, are dangerous for public health. Because these “forever chemicals” are nearly indestructible, PFAS build up in the bodies of humans over time and persist in the environment. PFAS can cause kidney cancer, thyroid disruption, reduced responses to vaccination, and other health problems.


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