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Department of Energy Secretary Granholm visits North Carolina

Clean Energy incentives are on their way to North Carolina

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Department of Energy Sec. Granholm speaking at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On Monday, the Department of Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, visited North Carolina to kick off a nationwide tour touting new clean energy incentives that will take effect this year thanks to the passage of a suite of national legislation.  

On her stop in North Carolina, Secretary Granholm explained how the passage of these federal laws, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act, as well as the new incentives they bring, can help our state and our cities reach their clean energy goals.

Sec. Granholm and our advocates agree that these new laws will make it easier and more affordable than ever to adopt clean energy technologies. Additionally, she highlighted how these investments will act as a tool to spur the domestic growth of the industries necessary to expand the market and meet new demand. Because of this, these incentives make it possible for businesses and consumers alike to fully embrace the shift towards clean, renewable energy.

For North Carolinians, this means clean energy technologies can now not only be a smart investment for cleaner air in and outside of our homes, but it can also be the smart investment for our wallets too. 

In particular, Sec. Granholm said North Carolina consumers should be on the lookout for the the following new Clean energy incentives: 

  • Tax credits to heat and cool your home with heat pumps.
  • Incentives to go with induction technology when choosing your next new stove.
  • And electric vehicle tax credits! 

For more on these incentives and others, check out PIRG & Environment America’s joint clean energy homes toolkit.

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