Victory: SC Johnson Phasing Out Toxic Chemical Galaxolide from Products

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Dev Gowda


Statement from U.S. PIRG Toxics Advocate Dev Gowda on SC Johnson’s Galaxolide Announcement:

“U.S. PIRG applauds SC Johnson, the manufacturer behind popular brands like Glade, Pledge, and Windex, for its announcement last week that it will remove the harmful fragrance chemical galaxolide from its products.

“In a letter to Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), SC Johnson states that it is currently transitioning from using galaxolide to other alternatives.

“A recent chemical assessment assigned galaxolide a GreenScreenВ© score of Benchmark 1 (chemical of highest concern), because it is very toxic to aquatic life and does not break down in the environment easily. The assessment also revealed that galaxolide can interfere with hormones, which can cause developmental, reproductive, and behavioral problems.

“In December 2016, U.S. PIRG sent several thousand petition signatures collected by U.S. PIRG and state affiliates to S.C. Johnson & Son CEO H. Fisk Johnson asking the company to remove the fragrance ingredient galaxolide from its products. 

“The ingredient “fragrance” or “parfum” refers to a mixture of scent chemicals and ingredients that are not required by law to be disclosed. According to the International Fragrance Association approximately 3,000 chemicals such as galaxolide, can be used to make fragrance, some of which have been linked to cancer, reproductive and respiratory problems, and allergies.

“U.S. PIRG calls on other consumer product manufacturers like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and L’Oréal to follow the lead of SC Johnson and also remove galaxolide from their products.”