U.S. PIRG statement in response to lawsuit against Juul filed by North Carolina’s attorney general

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Matt Wellington

Former Director, Public Health Campaigns, PIRG


North Carolina’s Attorney General is suing Juul, the most popular e-cigarette maker in the United States, for helping to fuel the epidemic of youth vaping. The lawsuit alleges that Juul marketed its products to youth, while downplaying both the health risks of the products and the strength of the nicotine in them. The suit calls for the company to take further actions to limit youth access to its products, and restrict flavored e-cigarettes and marketing ploys that appeal to minors.

Matt Wellington, Director of U.S. PIRG’s End the Nicotine Trap Campaign, issued the following statement in response:

“I applaud North Carolina’s Attorney General for taking Juul to task for its role in the e-cigarette epidemic among America’s youth. Defying its own regulations, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed e-cigarettes to stay on the market without the required public health review or assessment of how these products appeal to youth. The agency has let e-cig companies call the shots for too long.

Research shows that flavored tobacco products hook kids, and the FDA’s proposals to restrict flavored vaping liquids fall short of what’s needed to keep teens from falling into the nicotine trap.

More states should take action to ensure that proper measures are taken to keep kids from using e-cigarettes. The FDA should also use its authority to prohibit all flavored e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products, including mint and menthol.”

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