U.S. PIRG joins NAACP in America’s Journey for Justice

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Emma Boorboor

One-thousand activists join Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill calling for voting rights and other reforms


Statement from Election Reform Campaign Director, Emma Boorboor:

“Following yesterday’s arrival of America’s Journey for Justice 1,000-mile march from Selma, U.S. PIRG today joined nearly 1,000 NAACP and Democracy Initiative activists for an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. Today’s efforts build on new momentum to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA), legislation that would prevent discriminatory voting restrictions in every state.

Two years ago, the Supreme Court struck down a key piece of the Voting Rights Act that required states and local governments with a history of discrimination to receive federal approval before changing their election practices. Since that decision, we have seen a wave of new state laws that increase barriers to voting, with low-income and minority communities particularly hard hit. In 2014 our country saw the lowest voter turnout since World War II, proving we need more participation not less.

In a functioning democracy we should ensure every eligible voter can cast a ballot. When all voices are heard, we’ll see more action on issues Americans care about, issues people marched 1,000 miles to raise up.

It is past time for Congress to act to restore the health of our democracy and pass the VRAA. But we are making progress – the VRAA now has bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress, putting us in fighting distance of the biggest voting rights win in decades.”