Statement: Local transportation and climate measures on 2020 ballots win big

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Matt Casale

Former Director, Environment Campaigns, PIRG

Voters approve measures in Austin and Denver to support the transition to cleaner, healthier, more climate-friendly transportation systems


AUSTIN, Texas and DENVER — Voters in two of the United States’ 20 most populated cities approved major ballot measures to tackle transportation and climate on Tuesday. 

In Austin, voters passed Proposition A with 58 percent support, which gives the green light to Project Connect, a major investment in public transportation. Austinites opted to fund two new urban light rail lines, improvements to express bus lines, new park-and-rides and a downtown tunnel, all of which will lead to carbon reduction equivalent to planting more than 50,000 acres of forest. 

In Denver, voters approved Ballot Measure 2A with nearly 65 percent support according to the early count, which authorizes an additional 0.25% sales tax to generate an estimated $40 million per year. That money will fund climate-related programs and programs designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 

In response, Matt Casale, U.S. PIRG’s Environment Campaigns director, issued the following statement: 

“Transportation and climate action won big on the ballot this election. People in Austin and Denver voted for cleaner air, a more livable climate and a future driven by better transportation infrastructure. They recognized that the transportation status quo in the United States is dirty, unhealthy and inefficient. They rejected a future plagued with air pollution, climate emissions and gridlocked traffic and proved that we can win changes right now to make healthier, safer, cleaner transportation the most convenient, most affordable and most enjoyable option for every trip.”