STATEMENT: Google announces support for Right to Repair

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BOSTON — On Thursday, Jan. 11, Google, the maker of the Pixel phone, Fitbit and other devices, endorsed Right to Repair legislation in Oregon. In addition, the company issued a white paper outlining its thinking, including, “how R2R [Right to Repair] can advance Google’s overall sustainability efforts.” Google joins a growing list of manufacturers who are embracing the Right to Repair.

U.S. PIRG Senior Right to Repair Campaign Director Nathan Proctor made the following statement: 

“It is harder than it should be to fix the devices we use every day. As a result, we are making, using and tossing way too much stuff. Google’s support for a strong Right to Repair bill in Oregon, which includes critical parts-pairing reforms, gives me hope that we can tackle our tech trash treadmill and keep devices working longer.

“I want to thank all the people at Google who have championed repair and helped the company evolve from its previous opposition. When things break, you fix them. That’s common sense. It is clearer than ever that the Right to Repair is here to stay. After all, people just want to fix their stuff.”