Ryan Budget Devastating to Pell, Windfall for Special Interests

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Rich Williams

Statement of Higher Education Advocate Rich Williams on the 2013 budget proposed by Chairman Paul Ryan of the House Budget Committee


“While U.S. PIRG recognizes the need to address the nation’s deficit, Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget plan slaps students with harmful cuts to the Pell Grants program while proposing a windfall for corporate tax dodgers, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies, and the oil industry.

The proposal recommends slashing Pell Grants which help more than 9 million students pay for college at a time of rising college costs, tight family finances and a job market that increasingly requires post-secondary education.

Congress should stand with students by rejecting Chairman Ryan’s budget.

The Pell Grant is the nations corner-stone financial aid program providing up to $5,550 in scholarship aid to more than 9 million low income students every year.”  


This statement will be updated as more information becomes availible