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National Pollinator Week is here!

We wouldn’t have much of the food we rely on without pollinators. But they face many threats, from habitat loss to toxic pesticides. This National Pollinator Week we’re highlighting 1 pollinator a day and sharing actions YOU can take to protect our pollinators & our food! 


Today’s Pollinator of the Day: Butterflies!

Bees get most of the attention for the important role they play in pollinating our food, but butterflies are a primary pollinator for many food crops, from celery and lettuce to kale and cauliflower! Pollinating these crops is key in seed production, which impacts next year’s planting.

Unfortunately, neonic pesticides, which have been linked to bee die-offs, also impact butterflies and contribute to their population decline. 

It’s time to ban neonics to protect our pollinators this National Pollinator Week. Take action to ban neonics today.

Danielle Melgar

Former Food & Agriculture, Advocate, PIRG

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