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MBTA opens 5 new stations on the Green Line

New train station expands transit options for tens of thousands of travelers

Great news today as the MBTA expanded transit options to tens of thousands of riders when it opened the new Medford station on the Green Line.

Among the many calls MASSPIRG has made over the years for expansion of the MBTA green line, one that sticks in my mind is from the Executive Summary in our 2008 report “Connecting the Commonwealth”. 

 It reads:  “A comprehensive transit system for Massachusetts should include  extending the MBTA Green Line to improve transportation service to the state’s most densely populated city, Somerville, as well as neighboring Medford.”

Advocacy for the Green Line Extension goes back decades, and the voices in support of it include environmentalists, public health advocates, community organizers, businesses, local government officials, academics and more. Today is a day of celebration for every Bay Stater who cares about clean air, reducing traffic, modernizing our state, and our quality of life.

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aerial photograph Marquette Freeway Interchange, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Stop the Highway Boondoggles

America spends tens of billions of dollars each year on highway expansion projects that do little to address congestion, create other problems for our communities, and absorb scarce resources that could be used to meet other, more pressing transportation needs.


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